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Who wouldn't be pleasantly surprised if they looked down to see animal-shaped paperclips securing their documents? I'm partial to the squirrels. These Midori paperclips are stronger and more solid than average paperclips, so you'll be reusing them again and again. The perfect stocking stuffer!

  • Each set of paperclips is secured in a sliding "mint-style" case.
  • Sliding "mint-style" case measures 80x45x18 mm.
  • Your choice of 25 different shapes
  • 30 steel paperclips per case
  • Highly reusable paperclips = environmentally friendly!
  • Animal shaped clips are designed to only show the animal outline after clipping them to the page
  • Great for animal-themed projects, like invitations!
  • Also buy the Complete Set, the Animal Set, the Farm Animal Set, or the Zoo Set!


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The Realtor and animal lover in me loves this clips! My clients absolutely love walking out of my office with a dog paper clip on their offer. It's such a sweet way to put a smile on their face during a normally stressful process. my cowokers were jealous, so they received them from me for Christmas this year. I wouldn't mind if they came in larger sizes too - for bigger stacks of papers! So sweet, love them!
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I ordered a bunch of them and gave them out as christmas presents for my friends this year. They all loved it and immediately stared trading single clips of the different shapes around.
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LOVE THEM! Everybody I show them to wants to get some. I've passed the info to lots of friends. What a cute idea. They are precious.
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These clips are awesome!! We got the Christmas ones for the office and they are both strong and durable- can't wait for the holiday season!!
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These paper clips are outrageous (in a good way). They are very strong and do not break easily, which is surprising to me, because frankly, paper clips usually snap within the first or second use. But strength isn't the only upside, these paper clips are really cool! When I brought my box to school today, everybody wanted one! They are absolutely worth the $7.50.