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Wednesday 25 March, 2015

i used to get my japanese pens when i went to seattle to visit my sister once a year from a japanese bookstore. now i can order all of the pens i want, anytime i want! and kimberly answers all of my questions because i like to frankenpen and change out the standard inks for colored inks! i am so happy that there is a place for me to buy pens where the people truly love the pens themselves!
-- deb f.

so happy

Friday 20 March, 2015

I am so happy to have found Tokyo Pen Shop! I was in search of a Pilot custom multi pen and came across their website. I ordered my Coleto since I love the Hi Tec C of Pilot and was surprised that my order arrived after a week! Frank was also very accommodating when i requested to change my order. I love my coleto multi and my mildliner highlighter. Kimberly was also quick to reply to any question I had and recommended their products based on my needs. I am proud to say that I am now a loyal customer who would not hesitate to recommend their website to anyone in search of great Japanese pens. I definitely will be placing regular orders from Tokyo Pen Shop from now on! Thank you Frank and Kimberly!!
-- Charlotte P.

great service and quality

Thursday 19 March, 2015

I bought 5 different style ballpoint pens of OHTO. The quality is so good and very stylish, especially the " Slim Line", so handy!
Even the package also very cute :)
Love it!
-- wanyu z.

Love Tokyo Pen Shop!

Monday 02 March, 2015

I placed an order but then discovered something else I wanted to buy, but I've already paid for my previous order. I contact Frank and he was so, so helpful. I received both my orders together with just one shipping fee. I placed the order on a Friday and received Monday morning. Everything was beautiful packed with cute little personal notes. I love Tokyo Pen Shop so much!
-- Maria V.


Thursday 15 January, 2015

I just recently returned from Japan and it was a bitter sweet trip back to the States. Two items that I loved the most about Japan was the food and the crazy amount of pens and school supplies I found. Crazy thing was, they weren't very expensive and yet, there was no way I could have bought everything all at once. However, 2 months later, I find this web site and I am nearly in tears with happiness!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Twhyla Y.

Extremely Satisfied!

Monday 24 November, 2014

So, my friend came back from a trip to japan and she gave me these really cool minimalist pens that were .38 sized. I write in a exceptionally small size in all caps, so I thought this was amazing. Anyways, they ran out of ink and I started digging around the internet trying to find them. I stumbled upon this neat little store and was amazed at the sheer variety they have to offer. I not only bought the style-fit pens I was looking for in a thinner size (.28 now :P), but bought a nice a-gel kurotoga pencil as well. All at a good price too. When I received the pens and pencils they were nicely wrapped with some cute deco tape. All the items work as expected and I'm so happy to have found a site like this. Will definitely buy again!
-- Gary M.

Hooked from the outset!

Saturday 01 November, 2014

I made my first order last week, having stumbled across the TPS website by chance. The fixed shipping costs sold me straight away, because my preference for buying in bulk often left me panicking about shipping costs more than doubling the order price, and so TPS was a total stationery-saver! And in case I needed any more incentive to come back for more (which I didn't), the delivery arrived - from the US to the UK - well within a week, which was brilliant, and I could track its progress as well, which was the cherry on top of the pyramid of existing cherries on top... not to mention the perfect bright green personal touch that was Kimberly's handwritten note! Suffice to say, I'll be coming back here for all my stationery needs, and recommending TPS to anyone who'll listen, so thank you again!
-- JC P

Cold Weather PowerTank

Thursday 30 October, 2014

I am so happy with my Uni PowerTank! I spend a lot of time writing in the in the (very) cold and have trouble with pens freezing up after a few minutes. In the past I have either needed to wait until I was in a warmer environment to make notes or remove a glove to warm the pen with my hand. No more! The PowerTank writes smoothly even after long periods of time below freezing. I now enjoy clear notes AND warm fingers. I would highly recommend this to anyone who works or plays in the cold. Thanks Tokyo Pen Shop!

-- Nick

2 years later...

Wednesday 01 October, 2014

I wanted to update a testimonial I had written about two years ago. That was the first time I shopped at Tokyo Pen Shop after discovering that they sold pens that I used while living in Japan.

Fast forward 2 years and 8 orders later, I can honestly say that I will never shop anywhere else for my Japanese pens. Every order has been packed with extreme care (not to mention all the personalized thank yous!) and the orders have always arrived so quickly. They also fixed a technical glitch I once had that resulted in me having multiple accounts.

When you do contact them, they are quick to respond and so friendly. I always enjoy opening my packages, even though I know what's inside. I have never thought twice about buying my pens here and every experience always makes me want to come back for more!
-- Erika M.

Fast Delivery and Great Products!

Monday 29 September, 2014

So happy with my purchases and grateful for the speedy delivery! Thank you Tokyo Pen Shop! Will definitely be ordering from here again.
-- Hannah

Explore a whole new world!

Monday 25 August, 2014

I'm so glad that I (somehow) found Tokyo Pen Shop. I thought I was the only person out there who really loves Japanese stationery and gets excited for pens! It's nice to connect with others and Tokyo Pen Shop's owners, who add such a personal touch that is not found anywhere else. I look forward to ordering from them as much as possible as I trek towards the end of my PhD, which will be a while ;-)
-- Gregory G

Amazing Service!

Wednesday 06 August, 2014

I have done a lot of online shopping recently, as my workload gets busier and time to go out and shop has been reduced to a minimum. This is the best service I've ever gotten. My purchases arrived 2 days after the order, everything in order, and I even got a personal note! I thank the heavens for this store, which has all the supplies I'd ever need to get through the limited amount of school years I have left. Kimberly, expect many more orders from me! Thank you.
-- Maya

Best Customer Service in the World!

Monday 28 July, 2014

I am amazed by the level of care a thought that goes into the packaging and safe handling of the products. I asked for my package to be labeled fragile, and it was! Also, Kimberly writes you and note by hand! That made my whole experience so unbelievable! It also arrived quickly, which is fantastic as school is going to start soon. Will be referring classmates and teachers to your fantastic site! Can't wait to splurge on more pencils! Tee hee! :)
-- Ella T.


Thursday 03 July, 2014

I used to roll my eyes up when my husband watches his car videos on You-Tube to research his current car purchases BUT I now understand once I saw your videos of your products. LOVE the thoroughness of the products you demonstrate on your videos - please keep making more of them. It's his turn to roll his eyes up on me! :) Keep up the great product selections and customer service.
-- CB

I haven't bought any other type of pen since 2012!

Sunday 27 April, 2014

I am so happy Tokyo Pen Shop exists - I bought some pens in 2012 in Korea, and I HAD to find some refills when I came back to the States. Found this shop and - besides living in Korea again for a little bit - I haven't bought refills or new pens from anywhere else! I've even been able to find other great products I never new I needed. ;) I hope this site stays around for a long time, because I plan to keep coming back as long as they'll stay!
-- KJ P.

Happy New Customer

Wednesday 09 April, 2014

In my work, corrections and changes to copyright statements, footnotes, and other small, point-size texts are needed. Thumbing through office supply catalogs didn't yield a single, .38 mm or less pen tip in green, the color needed for work. Calls to local art and office supply stores also drew a blank.

Then I went online and was excited to find Tokyo Pen Shop with a USA address. They even have .28 and .25 mm pen tips! (although I can't tell the difference in line widths between the .25 Slicci, and the other three I ordered:
Uniball Signo DX .28 mm
Uni Style Fit Single, .28 mm
Uniball Signo RT1, .28 mm;

to test which might work best. Discovery: They're all excellent and all comparable, for my needs!

By nature they can't flow like an everyday TUL writing ball point. These pens give slight, normal resistance when writing, which means one naturally has to write a bit more slowly. This is an unavoidable trade-off for pens with such fine tips.

Every pen has the promised ultra fine points, even ink flow, clean lines, no drips. I like the feel of holding all of them. The Uni Style Fit Single has a somewhat thinner barrel--but no problem for me. I'm very happy with all these pens which fill my special needs!

The Tokyo Pen Shop Web site is beautifully designed--easy to read and follow. I received the pens, nicely packaged, in three biz days. My experience as a first-time buyer has been top-notch. Seems to be a company of body, mind, heart, and soul! Mary M.
-- Mary M.

One Word: Awesome!!

Sunday 06 April, 2014

Fast turn around, and the products are awesome. Really happy with all the really fine point writing utensils that I can't find in office stores out here.
-- Buck B.

Amazing range!

Sunday 16 February, 2014

Finally - a stockist for my beloved Uniball RT1's! And all lovingly packaged and sent too. Thank you so much - you've made this (and two more) doctor's handwriting amazingly legible.
-- Tricia C.

So glad I found this site!

Monday 10 February, 2014

I received my erasers, all packaged carefully as requested. They are all so precious to me and I really appreciate Kimberly's willingness to help! Thank you!
-- Rebecca L.

Lovely Shop

Wednesday 05 February, 2014

TPS is definitely my favorite place to get quality writing utensils, notebooks, and other kawaii Japanese stationery items. The selection is wonderful and the service is very reliable. I know I won't be buying from other places any time soon.
-- Anna Z.

Can't Write With Anything Else!

Friday 31 January, 2014

The Kuru Toga pencil and your highlighters and flash cards got me through school and I now work as a chemist in pharmaceuticals and I couldn't live without your pens! There is nothing better out there for making detailed notes, especially in small spaces, and nothing more comfortable for writing page after page of detailed testing procedures. I will be a customer for life and if I have anything to do with it my co-workers will be as well! Thank you!
-- Kaitlin H.

Best Retail Therapy EVER!!!

Monday 30 September, 2013

Forget about shoes - whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I go to Tokyo Pen shop and indulge! Of course, I have a bad tendency to give people my pens to use since I tell them they haven't tried anything yet until they use your products! Gives a whole new meaning to "pen-pals!". LOVE all your pens - especially the Slicci brand....I feel anything therapy need coming up! :) Keep up the great products!
-- Catherine B.

Pure Elation

Monday 16 September, 2013

I have been looking for small nib pens/pencils for years after my favorites had been discontinued; this shop provided everything and more. Everything arrived much faster than expected. As I opened the package, I could tell everything was hand-packed with care -- Custom tape on the envelope, a hand-written message, a cute styrofoam clover, and a strawberry Hi-Chew! I will never again buy from an office supply store for anything I can obtain here; I suggest you do the same.
-- Aaron H.

Best service!

Wednesday 07 August, 2013

Thank you. Awesome website with real people that you can exchange with for service.
-- Denis

Great Customer Service

Thursday 25 July, 2013

Thank you for the great customer service and speedy shipping. After recently spending 3 weeks in Japan, I really enjoyed using Japanese writing pens and pencils. It's great to have a US source for these items!
-- John F.

Great shop!

Sunday 14 July, 2013

I was looking all over for specific pencils for the art that I do. Comic book art. And I'm so happy I found the Tokyo Pen shop. The pencils I ordered came very fast. ordering online was fast and efficient. And I abosolutely love them :) I'll definitely be making another order from you guys again soon :)
-- Mark D.

Personal Customer Service!

Tuesday 02 July, 2013

Just received my first orders of some of their pens and pencils. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was super cute with its Japanese tape. Inside I found everything I ordered, and on the shipping note they hand wrote, "Enjoy, Catherine! :-) " then signed their name. I also found a little candy goodie inside my bag. Super happy with the quality of the pens and pencils, and just with those small personal touches I can confidently say that I will be a continuous customer of this shop and refer other people as well. Great place to find the products I want! Thank you so much Tokyo Pen Shop!

-- Catherine C.

First order, not the last

Tuesday 18 June, 2013

Bought 5 different kinds of pens to find my favorite (thanks for the suggestions, Kimberly!), and now I want more of all of them. Fast shipping, huge selection and great customer service - I might never go back to disposable ballpoints!
-- Will O.

The Amazing Pen Shop

Monday 13 May, 2013

I have to say that Tokyo Pen Shop is amazing. They have great service and fast shipping. They also have a great selection of items for you to look at. Everything that I purchased was exactly like the pictures they posted on their site and everything was in excellent condition. The processing and shipping was amazing. The very next morning that I had ordered it had shipped.
This site is amazing. I would recommend for anyone looking for some great brand name pens. They also have free shipping for over 25$ which is amazingly cool. I will definitely be coming back here to shop for all my pen needs.
I have never been to a website with such a selection. These guys deserve every ounce of business that you can give them.
--David Young
-- David Y.


Sunday 14 April, 2013

I would've been superhappy enough just to get my order of pens at the great price, and superquick as well. But you just HAPPENED to include my all-time favorite candy in as a little treat...that made my moment. :) Thanks, Kimberly and Frank! Would do...must do business again.
-- Aaron E.

I'm Never Disappointed

Tuesday 02 April, 2013

In the two years I have been ordering from Tokyo Pen Shop, I have never once been disappointed. The quality of the pens, stationery, and other items have been top notch. The service is incredibly speedy, and the personal notes are a lovely touch that inspire loyalty. The occasional goodies tucked in with my orders bring a smile. TPS has a customer for life here!
-- Michael S.

WOW! So impressed

Tuesday 12 March, 2013

I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with my order. The product selection was amazing while I was shopping along with all the detailed product descriptions/pictures that helped me make my decisions. I ordered Saturday night and received my order Tuesday! Thrilled! I've spent the better part of an hour now scribbling/doodling/testing and I'm in LOVE with everything I ordered. The candies and packaging were a treat as well. THANK YOU!
-- Tezra W.

From a Pen Fanatic...

Tuesday 05 March, 2013

I absolutely adore this shop! Everything that I purchased arrived in excellent condition, and also arrived pretty quickly considering I live in Canada. Kimberly answered all the questions I had about products and shipping, and has made my experience buying from this store really great! From the super-quick processing to the excellent customer service, I definitely will be shopping here again! c:
-- Anna Xu

Super fast!

Wednesday 20 February, 2013

This was the first time I have bought from this website, and it won't end there. Only 45 minutes--45 minutes--until they processed my order after I ordered it. I received my package 2 days after it shipped. It came undamaged, with a message,"Enjoy." with a candy. That little step means a lot for an AVID online buyer, like me. I will definitely buy from this website again. (:
-- Layla K.

Awesome customer service

Sunday 17 February, 2013

I ordered a bottle of Iroshizuku yama-budo ink that arrived with the cap cracked and some ink leakage. I let Kimberly know and they sent me another bottle that arrived perfectly, all very promptly. Thanks!
-- Tricia T.

So Pleased!

Saturday 19 January, 2013

Just wonderful! I discovered super fine pens 2 years ago while getting into the nitty-gritty of my Neuro major's upper level classes. I have since been stuck on Pilot G-Tec items but was a little bummed I wasn't finding great colors. Then finally! Hi-Tec-C! Tons of wonderful colors, multiple fine point sizes, etc.! Also, I placed my first order on a Wednesday, got all of my tracking information asap, and received my order on that Friday! When I opened the package there was a handwritten note thanking me for my order and hoping I enjoyed it! (Thanks Kimberley!). The items were wrapped and taped with a color fun print tape! I also reviewed a little candy with my pen items! I know that may not be the biggest deal, but I am an avid online shopper and when someone goes the extra mile, even if it may seem small, it really means a lot! Can't wait to shop for more items soon! Thank you for a great product! They write wonderfully and true to point and color!
-- Tawny

What A Wonerful Experience

Friday 18 January, 2013

I can not begin to say what a great experience I have had in deciding to purchase pens from the Tokyo Pen Shop. I received my pens (Sarasa Clips in every color!) just two days after purchase. I have never received anything I have ordered online so fast before. I even received a personal message with my order. The Sarasa line is amazing. My .5 point pens are the highlight of my stationary world right now. I definitely intend to purchase more products from them in the future! Thank you very much Tokyo Pen Shop :)
-- Raul R.

Great Service!

Monday 14 January, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised with how fast my order shipped (on the same day I placed the order) and how quickly it arrived. The hand-written note and complimentary candy were both very much appreciated! Selection and prices are both great - I consulted a friend of mine who lives in Korea and regularly buys Japanese-made mechanical pencils before making my purchase, and she noted that this was 'a good site full of good pencils'. I'll definitely be ordering again!
-- Corinne H.


Thursday 13 December, 2012

The speed at which my order arrived was astonishing. I was so pleased to find a place to order the original version of the frixion pens... the American version is not pretty and doesn't work as well. Thanks!
-- Sarah S.

Pens Make Me Happy.

Monday 26 November, 2012

I ordered some stuff a long time ago and I loved everything! They sent me this other pen by mistake, but I didn't mind at all. Even then, I got the pen I ordered a couple weeks later. :3 I'll buy from here even when I don't need anything.
-- Serina S.


Sunday 11 November, 2012

I came across Tokyo Pen Shop just over 3 years ago. The only thing that surpasses their outstanding selection of pens is their outstanding service. That is why after 3 years Tokyo Pen Shop is “My Go To” in pens, pencils, and writing accessories. For the kanji-lover or everyday-doodler, Tokyo Pen Shop is the place to go.
-- E. Wade F.

Apple is my favourite flavour!

Friday 26 October, 2012

Even after I messed up my own address for the shipping, and even after emailing them at 10 pm on a Friday night, they still sent my pens really quickly in a cute little envelope and added an apple candy chew to the package! Yum yum! The flat rate to Canada is nice too since I can buy as much as I want without the shipping increasing. It's also pretty great that they sell the legit Japanese hi tec c pens. The only thing that is missing is Kokuyo Campus notebooks. :) I will definitely be back.
-- Jennifer W.


Monday 08 October, 2012

Just got my 2nd order... Love everything about the Tokyo Pen Shop - awesome selection, very fast shipping, the personal touch ... Till my next order... Thanks, Kimberly :)
-- Abigail D.

best place

Thursday 27 September, 2012

Absolutely best palce to buy high quality pens and notebooks.I`m living almost at Northpole and postage was in speed of lightning and everything was as ordered. Perfect!
-- Kristiina E.

LOVE the products

Saturday 18 August, 2012

I received my first order today from your business. I LOVE the products, your email updates about my order, your very prompt service, and also the little personal note to me from Kimberly. I will be showing off my new pens and flash cards to my fellow Head Start teachers and supervisors on my first day back to work after our summer break. I know I’ll be placing more orders. I am a “pen freak” as is...Tokyo Pen Shop is for me!

Thank you.
-- Shelly T.

Back Again!!

Friday 17 August, 2012

As promised, I was back again! I ordered nearly the same items as last time (these are my all time favorites, so I'm trying to stockpile!) and once again, my order was processed swiftly, accurately, and of course, the personalized message still made me smile. School will be starting soon, and I'm glad that I will have my arsenal of favorites to add some fun into it all!
-- Erika A.

I <3 Tokyo Pen Shop

Wednesday 25 July, 2012

I use my Japanese writing tools everyday for art. Tokyo pen shop has been my go to for concepting and sketching pens. Recently, they ran out of stock for the Hi Tec C Cavalier.., so out of desperation went to the local Japanese stationary store.. picked up the pen I wanted and used it for less than a week.. while working with the pen I felt a popping sound in the handle and some pressure on my hand.. I thought it was loose.. so tried to tightened the barrel and tip. Sure enough later it happened again.. went home opened the pen up and found the inner barrel thread was bent.. not once have I dropped the pen nor abused it.. I take my tools seriously and wanted to return the pen to the shop.. read online that they won't take returns or exchanges within 2 weeks without a receipt... really? In the end with Tokyo pen shop I've only received quality products and have been reassured if I had any issues with their merchandise they would handle any concerns. I get my items within two business days and wrapped with Japanese stationary.. :} a great shopping experience to be had. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FRANK and KIM!
-- David N.


Saturday 21 July, 2012

I just received my order, which took only 3 days to get here from the day I placed my order. I am so, so excited. I lived in Japan for a few years, and I have such difficulty finding the pens/pencils/highlighters/erasers that I used when I lived there. I am so excited that I found Tokyo Pen Shop and I can guarantee that I will be back. Thank you Kimberly, your personalization of the sales order gives it the extra special touch!!!
-- Erika A.

Very Pleased

Wednesday 27 June, 2012

I couldn't be happier with the swift delivery of my order. The pens are fantastic for taking notes for my research, and I definitely plan to order more!
-- Natalie

Very happy!

Thursday 14 June, 2012

Nice product, very fast shipping, a free pen. Thank you so much, Kimberly!
-- Maria F.

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