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The Return of the Legendary Kadokeshi

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Cornering the market on Corners

The most satisfying part of the eraser is the corner.  When you use a conventional eraser, you get eight fresh, sharp corners to enjoy before you're left with an imprecise, rounded block.  If you are the type that appreciates the special value of those corners, the Kadokeshi Eraser is for you.

The Kadokeshi has 28 corners when brand new (I counted them myself) although not all are accessible at first.  This design ensures that fresh corners are exposed as you erase. This eraser comes in a nice sturdy package with a protective sleeve for guaranteed tidiness.  Treat yourself to one today, or give one as a gift to someone in your life who loves to draw or write with a pencil.  

The Kadokeshi eraser was designed by Hideo Kanbara, and is part of the Museum of Modern Art's 2004 "Humble Masterpieces" exhibit.

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