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Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

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“LeafPlaceCards1.jpg" “LeafPlaceCards1.jpg"
I’ve been practicing Thanksgiving place cards inspired by autumn leaves and our Uniball Signo Fat craft gel pens. I just love the look of white gel pen on colorful fall leaves. The gold on pomegranate or a deep red maple isn’t half bad either!

Here are some other cool ideas that I hope I have time to pull together before the big meal:

This idea for word search cards fun for young and old found at the My So Called Crafty Life Blog. I’m thinking this is a clever way to send my guests home with a new cool implement, without it seeming too odd!

I also love the idea of giving guests a visual prompt to get them thinking about what they are thankful for this year, like this simple craft from the Abby M Interiors blog.

This all reminds me of the heirloom tablecloth idea I found several years ago from Christy Robbins’ blog. You have everyone at your meal leave their own mark or message. Afterward, you embroider over everyone’s mark and each year your tablecloth becomes more full of memories.

I am going to try it using the Frixion because I know this erasable ink will disappear if I apply an iron to the tablecloth when I’m done embroidering it.

HeirloomTablecloth HeirloomTablecloth2

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