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Classy New Products!

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Classy New Products!...
When school starts up for the year, life is full of possibilities. Check out some of your new options for study aides of all kinds, from paper clips to point markers. Don't forget your recently restocked favorites, like the Hi-Tec C Grip!

Midori Index Clips
These bring new meaning to the name "Paper Clips" since these darling animal shaped clips are made of a sturdy paper material. There are 18 colorful clips in each box, so pick your favorite animal shape and start fighting paper with paper!

Midori Point and Writing Markers
These slightly sticky paper sheets are perfect for marking pages in textbooks. Use large or small versions of each animal shape, and write notes directly on the marker so you know exactly why you marked that page. There's no need to dog-ear your pages anymore, now you can sloth-mark them!

Midori Letter Set
This letter set is one of our favorite new products, it comes with animal themed envelopes, letter paper, and matching stickers so you can send a gorgeous letter to someone you care about. The patterns and paper make these letter sets something you absolutely have to see for yourself!

Midori Flash Cards
Midori Flash CardsThis best-seller is back after being out of stock! Thanks to our fantastic friends at The Pioneer Woman, the word is out on how amazing these flash cards are for learning at home or studying with your children. The hinged ring lets you reshuffle the cards to keep sharp on your vocabulary, multiplication tables, or of course language-learning.

Midori Mini Flash Cards
Midori Mini Flash Cards If you love Midori Flash Cards, crank up the cuteness factor with these mini-sized companions! These mini cards are perfect for memorization, and they fit in your pocket to be ready at a moment's notice. Choose from penguin, bunny, squirrel, or turtle and have fun while you learn.

Hi-Tec C Grip
Hi-Tec C Grip The workhorse of you pen case is probably the Hi-Tec C Grip. This best-seller pairs fantastic gel ink and needle tip of the classic Hi-Tec C with a comfortable finger grip to carry you through those long nights of studying without ever letting you down.

Ohto Rouge Gel Highlighter
Ohto Rouge Gel Highlighter Try the Rouge Gel Highlighter and see if you've found a new favorite! This gel highlighter won't bleed through thin paper or smear the ink underneath, and the bright colors accent the writing underneath instead of obscuring it. Try it in pink, orange, or yellow. If you're like us, you might devise a system that uses all three!

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