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Tokyo Pen Shop is pleased to stock Nomadic!

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We're so very excited to offer Nomadic's pen case line-up. Since studying as an undergrad in Japan, I've been using my favorite Nomadic pen case daily. (Really ~ that is not an exaggeration.) That's how we know the quality and functionality of Nomadic is so great. I've got a Nomadic case in perfect shape that I've been using for at least three thousand two hundred eighty-five days!

Last October we traveled to Tokyo to meet the Nomadic President and account representative. Meeting them was a bit of a dream come true for me. While there, I selected the pen cases that are popular in Japan right now in the colors that the Japanese market loves. After all, my goal with Tokyo Pen Shop is to temporarily transport you to Japan, where you can easily get all of the best stationery products available!

Find your own Nomadic pen case!

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