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GreenFlash Animal Series Sticky Memo



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The delightful GreenFlash Animal Series Sticky Memo is the most adorable way to write a note and stick it onto a document, computer screen, or even the front door. Stern reminders that would normally cause a conflict are palatable when delivered by the Animal Series friends featured on these stickey memos. Just imagine a message saying: "I needed this yesterday!" on a note with a polar bear wearing a necktie and swimming trunks!

For a message such as: "Don't forget the milk!" we recommend the note with the cow wearing a bycocket hat and bow tie.

  • Choose from Sheep, Panda, Hippo, Cow, Pig, Polar Bear, or Hedgehog
  • 20 sticky sheets
  • Black and white polka dotted card backing
  • Square sheets are 2.75 inches wide and tall

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