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I found the Tokyo Pen Shop website when searching for custom multi-pens. I'm so glad I did. I referred to [competitor], but Tokyo Pen Shop has things...

Midori Letter Set

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Midori's letter set is unbearably cute! We are partial to the deer, but we wouldn't want to have to pick just one. Set measures approx. 4.5" by 6".

  • Each set includes 4 matching "fuzzy" stickers.
  • 12 sheets, 4 envelopes
  • Your choice of 12 animals: deer, rabbit, alpaca, arctic seal, aardvark (Malaysian Tapir, thanks Laura!), penguin, poodle, capybara, cat, ermine, parrot, and panda
  • Top sealing envelopes


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Just a note to mention that what is called an "aardvark" here is a Malasian tapir. Love the site and this stationery!