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i have been a customer since 2008, and still use all the things i've bought here almost every day. plus they ship so quickly! best. ever.

Midori P-51 Clips



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Why did Midori name their new clips P-51 clips? Simply because they're not plastic, they're not wire, they're made from 51% paper mixed with resin. This innovative material enables the clips to look ‘marshmallow matte.’ Each shape includes an assortment of six different colors. Each clip binds up to 10 copy pages together. Or, use them to decorate a greeting or a gift!

  • Each packet includes 18 clips in 6 different colors.
  • 12 shapes available, choose from: dog, cat, rabbit, pig, elephant, bird, crocodile, tortoise, mushroom, airplane, soldier, and robot.
  • Made of MAPKA, a synthetic resin containing 51% paper.


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I really like these clips for keeping loose pages together. Not only do they work well, they also look so cute!