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We're always excited to see the latest pencil innovation from Japan, and this month's award goes to Pilot's Dr. Grip collaboration with Angel Heart Perfume! Pick from 8 different designs (4 different scents). Each limited edition mechanical pencil has a special LE design and comes with a charm for holding your perfume. Start by using the perfume that comes with your pen, and eventually try your own signature perfume! All of the scents in this series strike me as very Japanese. They are very nostalgic for me as they smell very similar to the scents I would purchase when I was living in Japan in my early 20's!

  • Angel Heart A and B include Angel Heart scent - A fruity scent featuring apricot and peach.
  • Lion Heart A and B include Lion Heart scent - A clean scent featuring marine and apricot.
  • Lion Heart Seychelles A and B include Lion Heart Seychelles scent - A citrus scent featuring yuzu.
  • Angel Heart Pink Pink A and B include Angel Heart Pink Pink scent - A pink fruity scent featuring watermelon and musk.
  • Eraser Refill also available.

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Date Added: 08/07/2016
I really loved the concept of putting a fragrance in a charm and smelling the sweet aroma during my journaling sessions. However, my charm piece broke after a month. I would really have loved if this pen was a gel ink rather than ball point, but it writes very smoothly. Most people I work with have never heard of the concept of a charm you can put perfume in, but LOVED the light, airy fragrance of the perfume.

by Yukari
Date Added: 02/17/2016
I really like how I can put perfume in the dangly thing even if I used up the one that came with the pencil. Unlike Dr. Grip's past aroma pencil I have ,which only lasts for about a week per refill and only 2 refills come with one pencil, I could use the perfume part forever!!! The pattern inside the barrel is printed on the plastic, and I really like that because the pattern for the one(exact same design) I have is paper is glued on the tube, which is kind of a turn down for me, but this one is wonderful! The only 2 things that's been bothering me since I had it is that the little charm part, which snaps open/shut, is kind of loose, it even popped itself open when I didn't do anything big that might have caused it to do so. The other thing is that the soft grip part tend to gather some dust, and it can be kind of obvious when the "dust" is from my dark colored clothes. It's really hard to pick most of them off unless I place it under running water or something. I didn't notice anythin

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)


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