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Just received my first orders of some of their pens and pencils. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was super cute with its Japanese tape....

Acro 1000


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The Acro 1000 is an elegant pen with the amazingly smooth Acro ink. Each pen features black ink in either .5mm or .7mm tip size.

  • .5mm tip size available in your choice of Champagne Gold, Metallic Red, Metallic Soft Blue, Metallic Grey, Navy, and Black. Please note: The champagne gold color really would be better named, 'rose gold,' as it has a definite pink hue.
  • .7mm tip size available in your choice of Metallic Pink, Metallic Cherry Pink, Metallic Turquoise Blue, Metallic Light Green, Metallic Brown, and Metallic Blue. Please note: The 'Turquoise Blue' really has more of a 'Turquoise Green' hue in our opinions!
  • Metal grip with plastic upper barrel
  • Refillable with your choice of size and color in the BRFV refill
  • 143mm x 9.8mm
  • Also try the Acro 300, and Acro 500.


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This pen I received is awesome! The hybrid ink is way better than others. I compared it to my Faber Castell Essentio ball point in a bold ink, ZenZoi with a medium G2 Faber Castell ballpoint refill and a Cross Century from 1968 with a Chinese Cross ink refill. The Pilot Acro 1000 is the darkest, smear proof and an extremely smooth writing experience. So glad I have it now for writing my book!
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I purchased a Parker Jotter because all the reviews I read said it was a wonderful pen. After I received one I asked myself, "What was all the rave about?" Needless to say, I didn't use it often. I was still searching for a pen that could take its place when I came across Kimberly's April 24, 2015 "Acro 1000" YouTube video. For some time, I questioned the price and wondered if I would like the ink as I'm a big fan of Jetstream ink, but I knew had to try it at least. I received my order today, ripped open the packaging (love the candy treat and personal note, thank you) and put pen to paper. I am happy to announce that the Acro ink has surpassed my expectations. This pen body is simplistic and professional looking. Yes, the body is metal and plastic but it doesn't take away from it looks or feel whatsoever. While I don't think I'll ever stop being a fan of Jetstream ink, I have to say, Acro ink is surely a runner up!
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I love the Acro 300 and this one is the same but with metal heavier feel to it and my pens came matte (black and light blue versions) which makes it even better as they are more grippier. These are perfect for me as they are not too heavy (I hate heavy pens), write superbly, have classy design and are of perfect tapered diameter around 1cm which is just perfect for my fingers. 5 stars and more for sure
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I just received the Metallic Gray & Navy. The weight is substantial. It is a smooth writing experience. I highly recommend the Acro 1000.
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Super disappointed with this pen. The top half is plastic! You can see the lines where the two plastic halves are melded together! The bottom half is where the weight is. There is the metal collar that is glued to the lightweight aluminum body. The bottom is where the weight is. Save yourself the money and get the acro300 or even better just get the refill for 1.50.
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Not impressed. Its small and light, not much heavier than plastic in my opinion. It does have OK ink. Its pretty smooth. I just don't feel this is worth $16. There are better options for this price.