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Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip



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Mitsubishi's much loved Jetstream pen meets their signature alpha gel grip in the Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip pen. This .7 mm Jetstream writes much more smoothly than your traditional ballpoint pen. Its dense black ink is speedy to dry, making it a great pen for lefties! The Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip pen is refillable with any size of Jetstream Singles refill.


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The squishy grip takes the cake! It doubles as a fidget toy, and triples as a guide to make me hold my pens farther away from the tip. I was blown away by how smooth the Jetstream ink flows with little pressure. That said, it sometimes doesn't flow when writing dots, as well as gushes a little extra ink when I write a loopy letter, i.e. it does what I don't like about ballpoint ink albeit to a lesser extent. Maybe I'm naughty for doing this, but I found I can fit Sarasa and EnerGel 0.5mm refills into my pen... it's a snug fit but a fit nonetheless.