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Jetstream Edge .28mm



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Introducing the world's finest ballpoint pen. For the first time, .28mm ball tip is available in the new Jetstream Edge. The Jetstream Edge holds a low viscosity oil-based ink in a newly developed pen tip called the Point Chip. This tip gets skinnier as it gets closer to the nose compared to regular Jetstream tips. The shaft of this pen is made of metal in the grip and nose making the pen heavier at the bottom.


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I've been a fan of the Jetstream series for a long time and I always try new models. This one intrigued me for the design. I'm not a fan of narrow points as I find them too scratchy. But that's a matter of personal taste. The pen's design is nice and is reminiscent of a couple of Rotring designs. I appreciate the ability to swap in a refill in a different tip size and promptly installed a larger refill. Unfortunately, I didn't like the upper body of the pen which is still plastic. It's not terrible, but I wish the pen was metal all around; I think it would be worth the expense. (I have the metal-bodied Jetstreams that I'm aware of, but those designs weren't ideal. There are ways to get a metal Jetstream if you work at it.) The clip is a nice change from the usual plastic clips on the other Jetstreams. Only time will tell how robust it is (or more accurately, how robustly it will remain attached to the pen.) The only real drawback is the use of the smaller refill. It means t