My Search Has Ended

I have searched high and low for A6 notebooks. I was able to not only find them here but also in the color I wanted. Thank you Kimberly for answering...

Pilot Patint



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Have you ever made marks on your clothing from clipping a pen to a shirt or pant pocket? You will never have this problem with the Pilot Patint. As you open the clip to take advantage of its powerful grip, the tip of the pen is automatically retracted into the barrel. No more accidental marks on clothes, hands, or notebooks!

  • Powerful clip automatically retracts tip!
  • .7 black oil-based ink
  • Refills available.
  • Available in five colors: Blue, Kiwi (lime green), Pink, Melon (orange), and Black


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I can not recommend this pen enough. I have kept the Patint clipped to my shirt for the past 1 1/2 years, using it constantly. It's feel and function is incredible, so much better than typical pens you find in the US. The automatic retracting pen feature works great, as advertised. No silly pen marks on my shirts. It has taken over a year of heavy use to run low, which to me is unbelievable. I immediately re-ordered from Tokyo Pen Shop. The ordering process and service at Tokyo Pen Shop is perfect, easy. Fantastic products, amazing service. Thanks!