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Pilot Super Knock



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The Pilot Super Knock is one of my favorite 'every day' Japanese pens. It's a simple, light ballpoint pen with a minimalist design. Black oil-based ink with a .7 mm tip.

The Pilot Super Knock comes in four varieties of body color: an opaque White Barrel, a transparent Blue Barrel, a transparent Black Barrel, and a transparent Red Barrel to suit your style.


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I’m a server and I love these pens for customers to sign receipts. Clip works well for sliding onto check presenters, reliable ballpoint ink, super lightweight and super slim so I can cram a bunch into my pocket and not notice. TPS, please restock these, my customers and fellow servers are depleting my supply!
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Awesome light slim pen. I prefer it to Pilot Better retractable pen as it does not have annoying metal push that is loose when clicked in and I prefer the plastic clip on this pen as opposed to the metal one on Better retractable as that one is too stiff when need to place in shirt pocket. Writing is nice with this pen 0.7mm tip gives you about 0.3mm thin line. I especially like the white version of this pen. Red is filled with red and blue with blue ink which is perfect when need to differentiate those colors but off course can be filled with black color if want to.