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Traveler's Company Limited Edition Factory Green Ballpoint Pen



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Inspiration for the Factory Green color came... directly from the factory! At Designphil's Nagareyama Plant, there is a distinctive green color used on the steel storage shelves, a large iron door, and the floor under the printing machines. This green has a calming, secure feeling, and has inspired creative manufacturing of excellent products for many many years.

Just like the beautiful patina that forms on your Traveler's Company Traveler's Notebook, the Traveler's Company Brass Products develop their own unique wear. Time and use only makes them more special. The Traveler's Company Brass Pen is a needle-point fine tip black oil-based refillable pen. Made in Japan.

  • .5mm tip size
  • Length when closed: 97mm


4 of 5 Stars
A perfectly-sized pen for travelling; fits in a pocket easily. I love the unique, vintage color; it's a matte - not glossy - which makes it appealing to me and really evokes the old-time office feel. This pen reminds me of the "bullet pens" that WW1 and WW2 soldiers fashioned out of casings. I gave it only 4 stars because the point is *very* fine; almost too fine for daily written tasks. However, I like it so much and it fits so well with my Traveller's notebook, I'm sure I'll use it all the time!