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Zebra LightWrite



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Imagine this! You're on an international plane flight and the plane's lights are off so that people can sleep. You want to write, though! Don't turn on the overhead seat light and disturb your neighbors, use the LightWrite! Now imagine this! You are on a camping adventure. You played outside all day, but now it is time for bed, it's dark outside, and you want to journal. Use the LightWrite! Now imagine this! You are a passenger in a cross country trip. It's nighttime and you want to journal in the car without disturbing everyone around you by putting the car light on. Use the LightWrite! If you need me to give more examples of why this will be the most useful pen you'll ever have, you need to work on your imagination! Seriously, you will love the LightWrite. The LightWrite is a ballpoint pen that you can use normally, or with the light on it. Click once to write normally, click back up and then down again for the light!

  • Available in your choice of White, Pink, Gun Metallic, and Dark Blue
  • .7mm black ballpoint ink (shares a refill with the much loved Zebra Slide Mini!)
  • Knurled grip (if you're working outside with gloves on, this will help!)
  • Refillable

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