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Very reliable! I love my purchases. I love the Pentel Karen C4 multipen. I do hope you'll have the white and violet stocks soon! Will definitely buy...

Cocoiro Limited Edition Animal with Refill



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The Cocoiro Lettering pen now available in a limited edition animal body! This limited edition body includes a black lettering pen insert, but you can also buy additional refills of your color choice separately.. Cocoiro limited edition animal version is available in 7 designs. Also, check out 8 new animal designs that were just released!


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I love the cute design of this pen, and its small compact shape is perfect to sit in my pencil pouch. Although I like the design, I believe this pen drys up to quick, I have only used this pen once and afterward the ink would not flow out smoothly. I don't know if its a flaw of the product or I did something wrong but this was very unfortunate.