I just received my order, which took only 3 days to get here from the day I placed my order. I am so, so excited. I lived in Japan for a few years,...

Rushon Petite 12 Color Set



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We are so in love with the Rushon Petite! This felt tip pen set comes in 3 different color themes. Choose from pastels, brights, or standard colors. Please see our ink swatches below for detail on what awesome colors are included in each set. Rushon Petite Singles and a 6 Color Neon Set also available.

  • .3 mm nib
  • Water-based ink
  • Won't bleed through most paper!


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I *love* these pens. They are the same to write with if you are familiar with the Marvy LePen - but they are better colors. I've also occasionally had the LePen let out too much ink, and these don't do that. I love the colors of the Bright set. They are somewhat muted, and more classic, which is what I was looking for. They would probably bleed or ghost through on thinner paper, but if you're using a higher quality BuJo/ journal, you should be fine.