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Zig Art & Graphic Twin 12 Color Set



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The Kuretake Zig Art & Graphic Twin comes in an intimidating 80 (plus blender) colors! If this feels overwhelming consider one of our Tokyo Pen Shop curated 12 color sets in your choice of Pastel, Bright, or Muted colors. Each set comes with a free blender pen!

Please note: We have made a few small changes to the 12 color sets. Changes are marked in Red.

Pastel set includes: Blush, Sugared Almond Pink, Pale Pink, Peach Pink, Apricot, Pale Yellow, Pale Green, Light Green, Haze Blue, Light Blue, English Lavender, and Lilac.

Bright set includes: Pink, Carmine Red, Bright Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, May Green, Turquoise Green, Baby Blue, Cornflour Blue, Blue, Deep Violet, and Purple.

Muted set includes: Pale Rose, Brown, Sand, Beige, Mustard, Olive Green, Pale Dawn Gray, Deep Brown, Dark Brown, Slate Gray, Green Gray, and Warm Gray 9.

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