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Mono 2-Way Correction Tape and Eraser



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Finally, a correction tape and eraser in one! This will be one of the most convenient items you've ever had in your desk drawer. Both correction tape and eraser are refillable.

  • Available in five great colors: White, Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple.
  • 5 mm X 6 m of correction tape.
  • Refillable Correction Tape and Refillable Erasers.


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Great 2-in-1 eraser and correction tape for use with s multi-pen in case you need to erase something or need to correct a mistake written in pen. Highly recommend!
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Nice slim profile, I love how it is retractable. It really protects the correction tape tip if you toss it in your bag. The plastic does feel a little "cheap" - made in China! :( But still great.