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Pilot Triangle Eraser

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The Pilot soft-type triangular eraser is an eraser that allows you to erase smoothly from many different corners and angles. It feels comfortable to hold, and there's always a great tip for you to use for precision erasing. Available in two sizes: small and large.

  • Soft-type plastic eraser
  • 3 corners to ensure a clean erase every time!
  • Your choice of small or large
  • Really popular for comic artists


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Looks like you're shopping for erasers. I have many, and have found the corner shape of this Pilot eraser is perfect for controlling exactly what you want to erase. The flat edges on two sides allow the eraser to lay flat on the paper for good coverage, while the corner shape allows you to see exactly what you are erasing. This is a much better shape than a standard block eraser, which after the corners are rounded off it's somewhat of a guess and trial & error to erase what you want as you can't adequately see exactly which part of the reaser is in contact with the paper. My qualifications for these observations are: I write in pencil exclusively, make uncountable mistakes, and own a lot of erasers. YMMV