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Petit 2 Sign Pen



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This beautiful felt tip pen is part of Pilot's Petit line of pens. The ink cartridges for this pen can be shared with the Petit 1 Fountain Pen and the Petit 3 Brush Pen. Each pen comes with one ink cartridge that matches the barrel's striking color. The Petit 2 has an felt tip that's easy to control while still providing a bold, solid line when drawing or inking artwork.

  • Comes in four different colors: Black, Red, Blue, Blue-black. (Baby pink, Apricot Orange, Apple green, and Clear Blue have been discontinued.)
  • Firm felt tip medium width line
  • Includes one ink cartridge
  • Stout shape
  • 108mm total length
  • 13 mm at its widest
  • Refillable


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These sign pens are great for those who like a broad line and ink that writes dark and smoothly. However, you must e careful not to linger on one spot on the paper too long or it will create a huge blob as the paper absorbs the ink.