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Iroshizuku Ink

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Pilot Iroshizuku Ink comes in a beautiful bottle worthy of collecting. The ink colors are all chosen by Pilot Japan to match colors in nature. Use this to fill your new Pilot Fountain Pen by purchasing a Converter 40 or Converter 70.

Note: Due to shipping costs, we no longer ship Iroshizuku Ink outside of the United States.

  • Your choice of 24 colors: Aijisai (hydrangea); amaro (heaven); asa-gao (morning glory blue); chikurin (bamboo forest); fuyusyogun (old man winter); fuyugaki (winter persimmons); inaho (grain of rice); kiri-same (grey rain drizzle); konpeki (azure); kosumosu (cosmos); ku-jaku (sparrow blue-green); momiji (bright red autumn leaves); murasakishikibu (violet); shinkai (deep sea); shinryoku (lush green); syo-yo (pine dew); takesumi (charcoal); tsuki-yo (night moon); tsukushi (horse tail); tsutsuju (azalea); tsuyukusa (sunflower); yama-budo (mountain grape); yamaguri (mountain chestnut); and yuyake (sunset).
  • Use with Converter 40, or Converter 70
  • 50 mL
  • Collection worthy bottles!


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Iroshizuku inks are some of the most beautiful and luxurious on the market. Kimberly put in an order for yu-yake for me and after a small wait due to customs, it finally arrived in the U.S. I just received yu-yake today, and it is exquisite!! I am so, so happy to have it. I am so glad that I decided to wait to purchase it at Tokyo Pen Shop, even though it was available through other websites. I am a loyal shopper and any time I can get what I need from Tokyo Pen Shop, I am more than willing to wait. Thank you so much; I can't wait to start using it!!!