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Midori MD Paper Fountain Pen



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The Midori MD Paper Fountain Pen has been designed for comfortable writing and to pair perfectly with the Midori MD Paper. They've chosen a 'Medium' nib size with a curved tip, allowing smooth writing with minimal smudging at any angle, suiting many writing styles. The pen uses international standard short cartridges and you get one free black cartridge with this pen. The MD Paper Fountain Pen is made in Slovenia.


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“The Cloud Pen” The nib on this pen is a shining star. It is very comfortable to write with it’s slight turn down ( Concorde ) “bird diving down into the clouds” (skillfully aimed.) Style, writes with soft accurate precision. . As a dependable wriiter the MD pen is very portable with out any loss in performance. I have used the MD brand cartridges, and a std converter with a favorite ink to equal delight. The clear section gives you a showing of which of the beautiful colors (if you own multiples) you will write with. The section has slight ridges in all the right places for a well designed control in communication of your desired best hand writing formation. The Balance is perfect in two ways- not too wet flow, smooth precision , never dry; -secondly it effortlessly balances in hand whether you have the cap on back of the pen or not ( due to how deeply the cap fits over the pen). The feed is well manufactured, it forebares “open capped hesitation” in writing -