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FureFure Corone


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The FureFure Corone is a stylish and quiet shaker pencil. Quiet?!? Yes, quiet! Pilot Japan felt the shaker pencil sound can make some people feel anxious, so they reduced the sound by 30%. We personally enjoy the 'shaka shaka' sound that shaker pencils make, but we felt this pencil with its stylish dot barrel was so cute, we had to try it out.

  • Pen body available in 6 colors: Dot Pink, Dot Violet, Dot Soft Blue, Dot Green, Dot Orange, and Dot Brown
  • Each pencil holds .5 pencil lead
  • Shake or click to propel lead
  • Pencil clip has a built in strap hole, so you can attach a favorite charm or lanyard
  • Refillable eraser beneath cap


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A cute pencil at a great price! I got brown, and I love the dot pattern. The shaker works great, and I do appreciate that it's a bit quieter. Definitely a stand out in my collection!
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I love polka dots and these mechanical pencils are so cute and stylish. Like the first reviewer, I also bought the brown polka dot one, though I would love to have one of each color. My color bias is the teal green, blue and purple ones. I've never had a shake shake mechanical pencil, which is a novelty value in its own. It's true, you could probably buy a pack of Bic mechanical pencils for the price, but I think Pilot's FureFure Corone pencil makes you feel like you're holding a fancy and stylish pencil, though both Bic and Pilot's is plastic. I think the body of the pencil is sturdy and well-made. And you can always refill the lead. I might get more in the future. The colors of the pencil barrel is so gorgeous. The shake shaking of the pencil lets the lead out in case you don't want to click the top. Very unique to Japanese style pencils. I don't remember seeing anything like it in the U.S. market yet. Pilot is #1 in stationery. Love it!
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I got it in the brown color and it looks very stylish! And of course it writes sturdy. Pilot never disappoints - it's definitely worth the price!