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Energel Infree


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The Energel Infree has just expanded its line-up of colors! The Infree is another great Energel pen, but with a clear body! Energel ink is great for smooth, dark, crisp, and quick-drying writing. Available in .4mm, .5mm, or .7mm ink colors in your choice of Pink, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Turquoise Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Violet, Gray, and Black.

The Pentel Energel Infree is perfect for left-handers because the ink dries extremely quickly, which means less smudging for southpaws!

  • Smooth writing
  • .4mm and .5mm feature needle-nose precision for dark and crisp handwriting
  • .7mm features a conical tip
  • Quick drying ink
  • Refillable
  • Ten Color Sets also available


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I write with ultrafine points ( 0.38-0.4mm) and have a few of them (Juice, Juice up, RT1, Signo DX, G-tec C, Sarasa, you name it). Pentel Clena and Infree pens are the best of them all. Their barrels are classy with the best grips. Their ink is smooth like butter. Their ink colors are beautiful, bold, inky and saturated. The only bad thing about them is they run out of ink pretty fast. However, their refills are pretty affordable so I just stock a bunch of them. Pentel pens are my ultimate writing device.