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First I want to say that it's so hard these days to find a business that takes the time to personalize and order. Even if it's just sentence or two;...

Erasable Frixion Ball Slim Biz



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Erasable Frixion Ball Slim Biz in a slighter slimmer metal body for a more elegant look. This pen is a great companion to your planner. Each pen comes prefilled with black .38 mm Frixion ink, but we recommend you experiment by refilling with any of the 19 Frixion Ball Slim colors!

  • Refillable
  • Choose from Black, Blue, and Wine Red barrel accents.
  • All pens come filled with .38mm black Frixion ink


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I have just recieved this pen with the priority mail option, and can i just say it was worth it. For an instant gradification person like me, it was very satisfying to say the least. The price is higher than normal pens, but for an exclusive all metal body combined with the fine point of the frixion gel .38 pen tip, makes for a luxurious writing experience. Right away, i had big expectations for this pen, and i can safly say, those expectations were overachieved. From the superb care in the packaging, to the personally written note, and the sticker with candy, i am confident that the products and care of the distributers are filled with heart warming joy, that not any old company will take the time to do.