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Erasable Frixion Ball Slim Clear Body Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Frixion Ball Slim Clear Body with colored refills of your choice! The Frixion Ball Slim is for those of you who love Pilot's Erasable Frixion line, but want a thinner pen body. This pen also has a slide lever to extend the tip, so no caps to get lost. We love that these take up less room in your pen case, allowing you to carry more options! Like all other pens in this line, this pen actually erases! It is not like the erasable pens you remember from middle school. This version is a limited edition transparent body!

  • .38mm ink available in the following colors: mix (blue/black/red), baby pink, pink, coral pink, red, rose, wine red, honey yellow, apricot orange, orange, light green, forest green, green, light blue, sky blue, blue, blue-black, violet, purple, brown, and black.
  • .5mm ink available in mix (blue/black/red), blue, black, red, and green.
  • Black, Red, Blue, and Mix all come with three refills, but all other colors come with two refills.
  • Want all the colors? The .38mm bundle includes each of the two-refill colors (does not include Red, Blue, Black, and Mix). 17 colors in all!
  • Erasable!
  • Slide lever knock-type
  • Three pack of extra refills
  • Extra single refills


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It's a decent enough pen body, especially for those who prefer slim pens. The pink ink refill I chose was too light and the tip isn't as smooth as I would've liked. I prefer the 0.5 mm slim multi refills; however, the color choices are limited. My honest opinion... get a Ohto Needlepoint Slimline pen and fill it with a Pilot Hi Tec C Slims refill (LHRF-20C4), and call it a day.