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Erasable Frixion Ball Slim

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The Frixion Ball Slim is for those of you who love Pilot's Erasable Frixion line, but want a thinner pen body. This pen also has a slide lever to extend the tip, so no caps to get lost. We love that these take up less room in your pen case, allowing you to carry more options! Like all other pens in this line, this pen actually erases! It is not like the erasable pens you remember from middle school.

  • Pen ink color available in 9 colors: black, red, blue, green, light green, orange, pink, light blue, and purple
  • 10 new additional colors now available! New colors are: blue black, sky blue, forest green, honey yellow, baby pink, coral pink, rose pink, wine red, violet, and brown.
  • Tip size is .38 mm
  • Erasable!
  • Slide lever knock-type
  • Three pack of refills
  • Single refills


4 of 5 Stars
I really like the fime line and excellent erasibility of these pens, as well as the great color selection. They do sometimes skip, so I prefer the .5 version even though I want to love the .38.
4 of 5 Stars
This is the perfect pen for people who need to take notes or who use planners. I give this a 4 out of 5 because the black is not intense and there's not a way to refill it. Otherwise, it's 5 stars all around. I think this is a great "bag" pen. It's slim and can fit anywhere without bulking up and it's great that it is erasable (for the most part). I think the inability to refill it is what makes it a good pen for a bag. You never have to worry about all the parts coming apart and losing a spring here or there. It's a pretty sturdy pen despite it being lightweight. I think the colours are better presented by the topmost portion of the pen rather than the barrel. For example, I originally purchased the black and blue thinking they would be darker. The black is closer to being a charcoal grey and the blue is a standard blue. If you're familiar with American pens, the blue and red are similar to the InkJoy pens. The flow of the ink is consistent. I really don't have any issues