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Erasable Frixion Click-Top

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Do you love the Erasable Frixion, but find yourself losing pen caps? Then you will really love the new Frixion click-top from Pilot! We are so excited about this pen that we're using it almost exclusively lately!


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The pen is very functional, but it has limited uses. The ink flows very smoothly making it effortless to write. I had one sad experience though. Keep in mind that the ink reacts strongly to high temperatures. I was in Hong Kong to judge a children's speaking contest. I signed my name on all of the reports that would give the children's scores and some words of encouragement. Then the staff ran the blank sheets through a laser printer. All of my words of encouragement and my signature disappeared! They were shocked! I realized what had happened and swapped my pen for a conventional gel pen which did not fade under the heat of the laser printer. So the greatest strength of the pen is also an inherent weakness when working around laser printers.
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These are great for grading papers. When I make a mistake while checking students' work, I can erase my errors! I give these to my teacher friends and they love them as well.
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These are amazing erasable pens! The ink is rich in color and writes smoothly: no gunky ink like Papermate erasables. The grip is thin, but comfy with minimal texture. The clip acts as the ink cartridge lock and release, allowing you to erase without constantly pushing the tip back and forth. The cornucopia of colors makes these great pens for lecture notes and homework! The only con: the friction eraser works great on the ink, but so does the heat! I left a calendar filled with dates in my car and returned to an empty planner!