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I was looking for a pen refill that I bought in Tokyo and I stumbled upon this site. Not only was I able to get refills for the pen, I found other...

Erasable Frixion Point Knock .4mm

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The latest in the Frixion series is the Frixion Point Knock with a Synergy Tip! The Synergy tip is a needle-nose/conical tip hybrid. It's just like the tip on the Pilot Juice Up, if you're familiar with that pen. This pen also has a slide lever to extend the tip, so no caps to get lost. Like all other pens in this line-up, this pen actually erases! It is not like the erasable pens you remember from middle school.


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I had bought 0.5mm refills for my multi-pen a few weeks ago. The inks were too inky and left blobs in my Jibun Techo. I was not very happy. So I decided to buy these in 0.4mm hoping it would solve the above problems. These were so smooth and not scratchy at all. The ink flow was just right and the pen body did not feel cheap like the plastic 0.5 body did. Overall super excited about these pens.