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Just received my first orders of some of their pens and pencils. The shipping was very fast and the packaging was super cute with its Japanese tape....

Hi-Tec C Maica


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The same great Hi-Tec C decided to get dressed up in an evening gown, and it calls itself the Hi-Tec C Maica. We love the crystal-look embellishments on the cap!

  • Available in .3 and .4 tip sizes
  • Available in 12 great Hi-Tec C ink colors: Red, Baby Pink, Pink, Orange, Apricot Orange, Green, Blue Black, Blue, Light Blue, Violet, Brown, and Black.

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I really enjoy using this pen. I use the black pens the most. I think this would be a great gift set for someone who enjoys decorating their desk of seeing pretty pens in their bag. I purchased one of each colour except for the brown (because I know I wouldn't use that colour). My preference is the .3 point. It is a beautiful pen. It reminds me of the Japanese Canmake make-up which comes in a faceted case. These are so pretty to keep in pen holders even if I only get black because the top of the cap "sparkles" in the light. It's a pen that a lot of people compliment on. This pen has a thin needle-like tip. It is not delicate, but I could see it bending if someone put too much pressure one it. As far as the quality of the pen goes, I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the pen doesn't have a consistent flow. I have had 5 of the black pens now (3 bought in Little Tokyo LA and 2 bought from TPS). They all have different quality of flow. - One of the pens seems like it's .4 d
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P.S. The barrel is gorgeous! The diamond at the top is a beautiful accent. This is likely the most elegant pen I've ever had.
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I'm new to the thin tips and this is my first .4 gel pen. I love it! The blue-black ink is rich and the .4 tip glides over my paper. I wish the brown was darker but I still like it a lot. I look forward to trying out more colors.