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This was my first purchase from Tokyo Pen Shop, i ordered my products yesterday and they came today! I received the order in less than 24 hours for...

Pilot Juice Fluorescent 6 Color Pack



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The Pilot Juice is now available in fluorescent colors! The fluorescent colors can be used on both black and white paper! Available as individuals or this 6 color set.

  • Fluorescent colors available in .7 mm tip size.
  • Set includes the following colors: fluorescent pink, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange, fluorescent apricot orange, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent green.
  • Fluorescent Individuals Available


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I had bought these specifically to use on Archer and Olive's blackout pages. But instead of sitting nicely on the paper, the gel ink somehow sinks in like a marker, bleeding almost, leaving the color faded and messy. It looks decent on the white paper and kraft paper, but for some reason is useless on the paper I want it on.