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Sakura Ballsign Knock


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Sakura Ballsign Knock in your choice of .4 mm or .5 mm and 16 different colors!

  • Available in the following colors: Cherry Pink, Rose Pink, Pink, Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Aqua Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Violet, Brown Black, and Black.
  • Available in Five Color Sets and a Ten Color Set in your preferred size!


5 of 5 Stars
This pen is like a feather, I hardly notice it in my hand when I'm holding it. It's also fine but not too fine, 0.4 is perfect size for me. It writes really smooth and so far it's my favorite out of all the ones I've tried.
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Got a 0.4mm Black and have honestly been pretty disappointed in it. It skipped like crazy right out of the box, and while it's improved a little with regular usage, I still get whole letters just not appearing during writing sessions. It's too bad because I really love the design otherwise: the click mechanism feels very secure, the gradually fading linear pattern around the grip is super cool looking, the grip itself is made of a really interesting material that's some sort of hard but very grippy plastic. It could just be that I got a dud, but there are so many good fine-tipped gel pens in this price range that I feel you'd be better off with.
5 of 5 Stars
Creamy smooth and oh-so-sharp! This pen is both professionally bold and uniquely creative in design. One of my favorite's. _3