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Sarasa Clip Vintage

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Sarasa Clip .5 mm in 5 NEW vintage colors: Red Black, Blue Gray, Dark Blue, Brown Gray, and Green Black.


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Love the colors and how smooth they are to write... blue gray is something i need in my life... only thing that would make the better is if they came in finier tips... i would love 0.38 but 0.5 is still fine
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I've only tried the Blue Gray ink and I totally love it. I'm gonna need some back ups soon! I get smooth writing all the way. I personally haven't seen any ink like the Blue gray, it stands out so much, but still safe to use in the workplace. Everything about it is so elegant. I can't wait to try the other colors :)
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I've really been enjoying the Sarasa Clip in general but I'm LOVING the Vintage colors most of all. The two blue colors are perfect for my workplace and writing on checks. I also use them in my bullet journal and my planner all of the time becaus the ink dries quickly and doesn't smudge easily. Thank you so much for introducing these to me!
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The Green Black ink color is a near perfect match to the cover of my Hobonichi Weeks in Marine. It is more of a blueish green black than the BLK green black, which is more yellowish. It takes a second or two to dry on that paper, and I wish the tip were finer, though. Kimberly is right -- putting these richly colored ink cartridges into a Sarasa Grand body elevates the writing experience to a whole new level. I put the green black in the pink Sarasa Grand I bought for my mom and it was very elegant indeed (and the pink is sort of close to the color of the date printed on the cover of my weeks.) ( Sigh. I had to give the Sarasa Grand back to my mom; she likes it too much!)
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I have been using the Muji retractable gel pens for a bit on Muji paper and ordinary refill and have loved the feeling of that pen. I was hoping to find something similar that would be refillable and these pens are just what I was looking for! They are smooth to write with, sleek and classy. The gel ink colour of dark blue is very similar to that of Muji's blue black and the blackened red is just a lovely burgundy colour. The only difference between the Sarasa vintage and Muji gels is the fact that the Sarasa's do leave a bit of an 'inkdot' when you finish a word. This is not that noticeable and like the Muji pens will leave a very faint shadow of the words through the paper, this is to be expected from gel pens though so no points taken off the quality of this pen.
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Same great quality with wonderful colors. I recommend purchasing 1 of each color. Blue gray and brown are my favorite, dark blue is unlike one I've seen before.