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Sarasa Grand Vintage



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Introducing the Sarasa Grand Vintage Series! We are so excited about this pen. The Sarasa Grand holds Sarasa Clip refills. Finally our favorite Sarasa Vintage in a more elegant and professional body! Each pen body comes with a matching ink color inside.

  • Metal Pen Body available in your choice of Sepia Black, Dark Blue, Blue Gray, Green Black, Dark Gray, Matte Black, Brown Gray, Red Black, Cassis Black, Bordeaux Purple, and Camel Yellow.
  • Each pen arrives with .5mm Sarasa gel ink that matches its body color.
  • Refillable


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Absolutely love the Sarasa Grand line. They have a more solid weight to them, making them a pleasure to write with. So thrilled that they added the vintage colours. The inks are gorgeous and go down so smoothly with no smudging or skipping. They are the pens I most often reach for.