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Just wonderful! I discovered super fine pens 2 years ago while getting into the nitty-gritty of my Neuro major's upper level classes. I have since...

Uni Style Fit Single

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The Uni Style Fit is a great gel pen series from Mitsubishi Pencil Corp. These are a super slim version of the Uniball Signo DX, and we absolutely love them! It is an incredibly comfortable light and slim pen.

The ink in the Uni Style Fit is very bold and bright. We love that these gel pens never skip and write such sharp lines!

  • Available in 16 colors of ink: black, brown-black, blue, blue-black, light-blue, sky blue, purple, red, green, lime green, pink, baby pink, rose pink, golden yellow, orange, and mandarin orange.
  • Available in your choice of .28, .38, and .5mm tip sizes.
  • Retractable, click-top
  • Slim, sleek design
  • Refills available


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I first ran into these pens about 15 years ago in a bookstore in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.I have not used another pen since then. I absolutely love these. I find the .28 a little too fine, but the .38 and .50 are perfect. Love the multi colors and usually group four in a multi-pen casing. Since I moved from LA, I was so happy to find the Tokyo Pen Shop online, because they are the only place that I have found that carries them online. Thank you so much for carrying this brand, I will remain a loyal user as long as you have them! It beats the cost of flying back to LA to get more! GREAT PENS!!!!
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These pens work just like the Uniball Signo DX but in a thinner pen body. Highly recommend them for people who like thinner pens to hold!
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these pens can fit different nib sizes if .38 is too fine, you can click on 1)custom multis from the category menu then 2)click mitsubishi uni style fit series then 3)click unit style fit jetstream refills or the gel refills and you can order refills for this pen in sizes of .5 and .7 (BLUE,BLACK,RED).
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these are awesome pens, the design is gorgeous but .38 is too fine, i wish they can make these pens in .7 or 1.0.
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I got 5 of these, they are excellent. 0.38 is too fine though - but i am overall happy with the purchase and price. It looks great too.
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I got the brown in .28 and the ink writes beautifully! The slim design feels great in your hand. I will be ordering some more colors!
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I found these pens in a school supplies shop in Seoul back in 2012. I have not switched after two years, and I'm not planning to switch! I love these pens - the slender barrel, the tip sizes, and all the colors!