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Uniball One 8 Color Set



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Introducing the Uniball One with new innovative bold and bright ink. This pigment ink is formulated to sit on top the paper rather than absorb and disappear into the paper. The result is a bold bright ink that doesn't fade.

  • 8 color set available in .38mm: Black, Blue, Red, Blue Black, Green, Orange, Pink, and Sky Blue
  • Individuals also available.
  • Refillable


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Uniball has always been my goto pen and when I saw this come out I was so excited. So I ordered a bunch of them with the refill. Both the .38 and the .5. It's a very lightweight pen, nice size from a width perspective. I tend to hold on tight to a pen so the nice rounded body makes for a comfortable grip. The ink is nice and dark..when it comes out. Here in lies the problem. The pen is scratchy and skips...depending on how you hold the pen. I usually hold the pen perpendicular to the paper, and when I do, it doesn't flow smoothly. That was disappointing, with the black ink pens being the biggest culprit. I haven't seen skipping as bad in the red .5 pen. A little disappointing.