The pens and pencils that I bought are better than I imagined. I was very pleased at the delivery speed and I will definitely purchase more.

Uniball One

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Introducing the Uniball One with new innovative bold and bright ink. This pigment ink is formulated to sit on top your paper rather than absorb and disappear into the paper. The result is a bold bright ink that doesn't fade.

  • 10 colors available in .5mm: Black, Blue, Red, Blue Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Pink, and Sky Blue
  • 20 colors available in .38mm: Black, Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Red, Blue Black, Green, Lime Green, Emerald, Yellow, Orange, Mandarin Orange, Baby Pink, Light Pink, Pink, Sky Blue, Bordeaux Black, Green Black, Violet, and Brown Black.
  • Black ink is available with both a black barrel or a white barrel.
  • The complete bundles include both the white body and black body black ink pens.
  • 8 Color Sets also available.
  • Refillable


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I purchased the .38 in Black and Bordeaux Black and this pen is amazing! Writes effortlessly and the color is do deep. Rubber grip makes it easy to write with. To me the .38 almost looks like it could be .5 but it still has a very crisp line. The Bordeaux Black body is a cool two-tone white with purple accent. I will be buying additional colors.
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The gel pen I have been waiting for. This first-impression review is for the 0.5 black. It is the deepest, darkest black of any pen I have tested - darker than the Pilot Hi-Tech-C Coleto, Pilot Juice, Paper-Mate InkJoy, and the Sarasa Dry. It is a smooth and effortless writing experience exhibiting little feedback. Testing against the above-mentioned pens on copy paper, it produced no bleed-through, and the least amount of ghosting. Dries almost as fast as the Sarasa Dry. I was also glad to discover it has a rubber grip.