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So long story short, a certain ink refill was out of stock in the color I wanted. I contacted Tokyo Pen Shop on facebook and got a very fast response...

Uniball Signo RT .38mm



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The Uniball Signo RT is perfect for classic Uniball gel ink lovers who lose their caps! The Signo RT is a fine Japanese gel pen with bold color. Writes very smoothly!

As with all our items, we only sell the genuine Japanese version of this product. All packaging is in Japanese, and this is the exact version of the product you will find in a stationery store in Tokyo!

  • Available in Black, Blue Black, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Red, and Orange (Lavender Black has been discontinued)
  • .38mm gel ink
  • Click top to retract tip
  • Comfortable rubber grip
  • Refillable
  • .5mm also available.
  • Also check out the Uniball Signo RT1 for the same ink in a newer barrel design!


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Wow I was shocked although these may not be the most flashy pens they do not disappoint most reliable .38 pen , smooth, bright and bold. And the most important they ar not scratchy.. Buy them thank me later :)
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This is an extremely reliable, smooth-writing pen! It will never skip even if you write small and slowly or huge and quickly. I only own what's listed on this site as "purple," but Uni-Ball actually officially calls this color "lavender black" (it's immediately recognizable, and also on the boxes if you buy them in bulk)! I point out this distinction because Uni sells a lighter purple hue called "purple" in their Signo 0.38 DX line. Uni's lavender black ink is *very* hard to find, and it is my *favorite* Uni ink! A rich, office-appropriate, blackened-purple which is only sold in 2 of Uni's models: this Signo RT 0.38 & Signo DX 0.38 (_- my favorite pen! TPS sells all the DX inks except for lavender black :( If you stock, I will buy!). I am aware one of the product photos has the written words, "lavender black," but I propose TPS change the color name on their drop-down menu to avoid any confusion. I recommend this RT model for people who want a more ergonomic grip, slightly wider and
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I first read about this pen on the Pioneer Woman website. Heather Sanders raved about it being her favorite pen in a post she'd written about "must-have" supplies. She then wrote about it on her own blog. THEN I kept reading references about it on Instagram. Whew! I can take a hint! Being an office-supply lover/addict myself I knew I "had" to try this pen. So I ordered on a Friday and received my package on MONDAY. Wow! That was with the regular shipping! I love how the envelope was "wrapped" in Washi tape. Beautiful touch. The Signo RT did not disappoint. Love it! Smooth and comfortable to hold. The ink is very fluid with a precise point and a willing stroke. I've journaled, doodled, made lists and took notes with it within the last 24 hours and am VERY pleased. I will definitely be ordering more. My "go-to" pen has been the Sharpie fine point but it lacks a "clicker" and the fluid feel of gel ink. I am so glad I finally took the hint and tried the Signo RT! It's a keeper!
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OMG! I cannot say enough good things about this pen- just got new ones in today. They write so smooth and fine, come in awesome colors and are so inexpensive. If you are placing an order throw in one to try and you'll be hooked!
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These are the best Gel pens I have ever used. I love how thinly they write, and how they don't leak through the page. I feel like my handwriting is so much neater when I use these pens! Not to mention how much they rock when I use them with my Moleskine planner... the fine tip makes it super easy to write in the little squares in my planner. I am absolutely an addict!