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Kokuyo Mark+ Two Tone

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Kokuyo's new Mark+ is a dual-ended highlighter with two highlighter colors at the same end! You can do some efficient color code highlighting with this handy marker. The series includes 5 two-tone colors and 5 highlighters that are colors paired with gray.

  • Two tone colors: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
  • Gray + Colors: Pink/Gray, Yellow/Gray, Green/Gray, Blue/Gray, Purple/Gray
  • 5 Color Set also available.


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Just picked these up in all the colour combinations since they looked like they'd be great for use when doing language studies. I'm loving how well they perform! Being able to switch between the two colours is quick and easy, with both colours highlighting very well. I tend to use a lot of Sarasa and Frixion pens and these are working great with both brands.