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I wanted to update a testimonial I had written about two years ago. That was the first time I shopped at Tokyo Pen Shop after discovering that they...

Hi-Tec C Coleto 3 Color Barrel



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Do you love the Pilot Hi-Tec C and always wish it came in a multi-pen? Now it does! What is more, you get to mix and match your favorite colors to create your perfect multi-pen combination. The Hi-Tec C Coleto Translucent 3 Color body holds three of any Coleto refill. The Coleto Eraser Unit, Coleto Stylus Unit, and Coleto Pencil Unit also work in this pen. Choose from four different body colors: clear, black, blue, and pink. Please note: This pen is just a barrel. Ink colors are selected separately at the link provided above.

  • Available in clear, black, blue, and pink.
  • Easily refillable.
  • Cute barrel, comfortable grip!


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I was a bit skeptical at first when ordering this pen. With all the seemingly moving parts, I thought it would be flimsy and not sturdy enough for daily use. I was wrong. This pen is simply the best pen I have ever had. Great feel in the hand with a barrel just thick enough to be really comfortable and although the rubber inserts on the grip area are small, they perform really well. The perfect refill combination for me was the blue-black, red and pencil refill (all in 0.5 sizes).