I just received my order, which took only 3 days to get here from the day I placed my order. I am so, so excited. I lived in Japan for a few years,...

Limited Edition Sailor Moon Coleto Refill Bundle (10)



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Pilot Coleto Ink Cartridges with a limited edition Sailor Moon Bow design! 4.mm tip size. Bundle includes: Baby Pink, Pink, Red, Orange, Apple Green, Green, Clear Blue, Blue, Violet, and Black.


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I was expecting these to be more of a novelty item with form over function, but I was pleasantly surprised! This is not the mediocre ballpoint pens I remember fondly from childhood: this is a very smooth, comfortable, consistent ink. The colors are excellent, vibrant and easy to distinguish from the others. I love bow details, and these deliver perfectly for the Sailor Moon coleto barrels.