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Forget about shoes - whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I go to Tokyo Pen shop and indulge! Of course, I have a bad tendency to give people my pens...

New Limited Edition Sailor Moon Coleto Barrel 5



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Three new special Hi-Tec C Coleto 5 Color Barrels with designs featuring Sailor Moon.

  • Choose from four different Coleto 5 barrels with Sailor Moon designs: Purple Artemis, Sailor Moon Ivory, Sailor Moon Silhouette and Gold, or Pink and Blue-Green Sailor Moon Accessories.
  • Inserts sold separately - this barrel will hold 5
  • Any 5 Hi-Tec C Coleto insert will fit in these barrels. Also for a limited time, the Sailor Moon Coleto Ink is available, which pairs nicely with these barrels.


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(I got the purple barrel so this review applies to that specific pen, I cannot speak for the others) This barrel is so cute! I haven’t and don’t plan to watch sailor moon but I love cats so this was a no brainer. My one and only complaint is that the pen appears less bright in person than in the photos. This doesn’t bother me but its more of a warning in case you think it would bother you. Otherwise its perfect and I would highly recommend it.