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As seen in Martha Stewart Living, the Pilot Hi-Tec C is a range of vibrantly colorful needle-nose gel pens. They are a cult favorite, and are very difficult to procure outside of Japan.

  • Available in 40 colors. Update! Pilot Japan has discontinued all but the following 10 colors: Black, Blue, Blue Black, Brown, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, and Violet. Once our remaining inventory of the discontinued colors are gone they're gone!
  • Available in four sizes: .25, .3, .4, and .5 mm
  • High quality Japanese gel ink
  • Hi-Tec C Grip available

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by Shelby
Date Added: 04/22/2017
I've always loved the Hi-Tec C. I have OCD and autism and DVD, and so it's extremely difficult for me to find a pen that writes perfectly and is comfortable to hold. When I first discovered the Hi-Tec C, it was in one of those Japanese shops in the mall. Unfortunately, they only ever had 10 at a time, and usually some were dried out or broken from being tested. Also, they costed a whopping $4.50 each! :0 More recently, I ran out of all but one of my Hi-Tec Cs and my other pen. Knowing the mall is far away, I just decided it'd be easier to order online. This website is awesome! I was so SO happy to see a place where I could purchase my favorite pens in the whole world for a reasonable price. I was even more happy when I received the package quick. After testing all 10 pens I ordered, they all work perfect! From now on I'm ordering all my Hi-Tec Cs on here! Anyway, this pen is really amazing. It's comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing. No matter how I write with it, it never looks bad,

by Veronique
Date Added: 02/12/2016
I'm so glad Tokyo Pen Shop carries these pens! This is my first time trying these out and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by them. They don't bleed (like a lot of gel pens I've tried), dry quickly and write smoothly. The various ink colors available are also a big plus since I'm an artist, so doodles are very fun to make with these (my favorites are probably Cherry Pink and Camelia hehe). Will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future!

by Angie
Date Added: 06/30/2013
Thank You Tokyo Pen Shop for these wonderful pens~ These pens are awesome for small details, for their fine point and their spectrum of color. I wish I knew about these pens earlier so I could have purchased the "retired" colors. Now a comment about the color, "Elegance Pink", BEAUTIFUL COLOR. I have purchased this pen in 3 separate locations. One pen from overseas, one from a competitive webstore, and lastly one in Tokyo Pen Shop. Now, Elegance Pink has a beautiful color. However, the pen is notorious for being scratchy and having a lack of ink. Tokyo Pen Shop is the only shop I have known who has sold non-scratchy, ink-full "Elegance Pink." So that deserves my thumbs up. Thank you again! And I look forward to purchasing more Hi-Tec C from TPS in the future

by Ellen
Date Added: 06/11/2013
I'm sure it's all been said in prior reviews, so I'm just going to say that these pens are the best. In the end, I always come back to these. 0.4mm is my favorite (0.5mm can be a little too thick, and I find that 0.3mm doesn't write quite as smoothly). My only disappointment is that I think some of my favorite colors have either been discontinued or are so popular they're constantly out of stock here (I'm guessing it's the former?). Anyway, these pens are awesome.

by Mike
Date Added: 04/19/2013
Frank, We have never met, but your parents are our next door neighbors and your mom was kind enough to give me 2 of your Hi Tec c pens. These pens have performed superbly. Like one of your other clients that have used Pilots for years, I have never encountered a fine point pen like this which could endure heavy usage. The stems on these pens must be constructed and engineered with some very durable metals. I am a computer analyst and plan on purchasing more of these great writing instruments as well as telling my associates where they can acquire these writing instruments. Mike Braun

by Alyssa
Date Added: 02/14/2013
These are my favorite needle nosed gel pens. The ink is very smooth and vibrant and I love the fast drying time. I prefer the 0.3mm size but I also enjoy the 0.4mm size for a thin but slightly thicker line. I find the 0.5m size is a bit large because it lays down the thickest line out of the above mentioned sizes. It muddles my super tiny handwriting. I am always disappointed that most of my favourite colours get disconinued but I love the wide colour selection compared to other pen lines. As a warning, be careful when you use them. If you drop it onto hard surfaces, the roller ball at the tip of he pen may get jammed into the tip sleeve which can make the pen unable to write.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 15 reviews)

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