The Amazing Pen Shop

I have to say that Tokyo Pen Shop is amazing. They have great service and fast shipping. They also have a great selection of items for you to look...

Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip


Katherine S.
The squishy grip takes the cake! It doubles as a fidget toy, and triples as a guide to make me hold my pens farther away from the tip. I was blown away by how smooth the Jetstream ink flows with little pressure. That said, it sometimes doesn't flow when writing dots, as well as gushes a little extra ink when I write a loopy letter, i.e. it does what I don't like about ballpoint ink albeit to a lesser extent. Maybe I'm naughty for doing this, but I found I can fit Sarasa and EnerGel 0.5mm refills into my pen... it's a snug fit but a fit nonetheless.