Not only was your services fast and of superior quality...this is the first time that I have been able to obtain such fun writing devices outside of...

Surari 300


Alexandra R.
Wonder what the thinking was behind etching the 07 and 05 onto these pens. I bought the blue in 07 and the pink in 05. Love the pink with its frosted body over the shiny blue and the 07 tip over the 05. Of course, you can swap the refills between both; however, knowing this still causes me to wonder. Why not just leave the tip size off entirely and let the consumer choose the preferred tip size as is the case with so many other pens? Now, to the rating... great body, great ink. I recently bought the Fortia 300 from another seller, and I must say that the Surari 300 wins hands down. The Surari has a wider diameter which makes gripping more comfortable and it's hybrid ink surpasses that of the Fortia's oil-based ink. Would love the Surari in an all silver or all black version. I would recommend this pen to others.

Gregory Gillespie
The perfect pen for the office - inexpensive, writes smoothly, comfortable, and is eye-catching. I swapped the refill it comes with for a 1.0 mm Surari and it's awesome! Especially if you have to fill out a lot of paperwork.