I just received my order, which took only 3 days to get here from the day I placed my order. I am so, so excited. I lived in Japan for a few years,...

Jetstream Blue/Black/Red


Tracee Mobley
I purchased these pens among others for several left handed friends who complained of writing with the usual pens. I am back to offer their reviews. The writing was smooth and nice and and above all else they were happy because there was NO SMUDGING! At all!! That was the biggest surprise by many who I gave the pens too. They couldn't believe it and were very happy! One individual I gave a pen too said a co-worker even tried to steal it because it was so smooth and fast drying. These are some of my favorite pens and I'm happy to report I have converted new believers in the quality of Japanese pens! :)

Sirintra Parnichyakorn
Jetstream offers the best pens I've ever used. The 0.5 fine point provides the same stability of a thicker point pen yet provides a smooth, concentrated ink that glides across the page. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely order more in the future!

Elizabeth Killingbeck
I bought black ink Jetstreams, and they are one of a couple of my favorite pens (the others I also bought from Tokyo Pen Shop). Mine are .5, and they write beautifully. Despite the small size, nothing is lost. If a pen can be strong and graceful at the same time, this is that pen! And they literally glide across the page as you write.