New and Happy Customer

I am a new customer, I found out about this site when I googled a hello kitty pen pouch I have been searching for. And I also decided to order cute...

Platinum Preppy


Betty N.
It's a nice pen for beginners.

I've been using 0.28-0.38 pens for a while, so I was hoping that the line for this one would be that perfect middle that I wanted (I bought 03).

The actual line with ink for 03 is comparable to a gel ink 0.5 (a little bigger actually), which is big for me. I find that if I use it upside down, the line is nicer, so I'll probably use it like that.

Overall, it's an inexpensive pen, so try it out if you want to get used to writing with a fountain pen tip. Though if you like thin lines or want to use it for writing, maybe get a smaller size.

Claudia Maribel Hernandez Fuentes
Great fountain pen!!! it is better than the pilot petite 1... if you want to have an awesome fountain pen without breaking the bank this is the pen