Always a pleasure!!

I placed my order on Monday night and got it on Wednesday afternoon. I was so happy!! Everytime I order I ask to have something drawn on the invoice....

Tokyo Pen Shop T-Shirt


Karen Chason
I wanted to let you know how much I love your TPS tee shirt. I'm a Plus size gal that is also, for lack of a better term, busty! ;-) It is very hard to find tee shirts that look good on me. The women's tee shirts are typically cut for women and therefore slimmer fit and not for busty or curvy gals. If I go to a man's tee shirt then they are just so boxy and don't flatter me at all and have so much bulk under the arms and waist. Not only are your tee shirts so soft and comfortable but they are cut perfectly and flatter me so much. It has become my favorite tee shirt. Even after I washed it the shirt remained perfect.

Peggy Younglove
I LOVE IT! As you say, it is soft and wearable. I got several nice comments when I wore it to a meeting this morning. I would like to know what the message on the back says. People were asking me if I had begun to get strange phone calls!